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Administrative Office Design

Administrative office is designed based on several criteria that must be taken into consideration before the administrative office can start operating, and it must be designed in a manner appropriate to the nature of the work of the office. There must be comfort, and provide an appropriate work environment for employees and customers, and there is a set of these important standards, in this article, we will mention the criteria for designing the administrative offices.


Administrative Office Design Standards


  • A simple study of the office must be carried out before making an interior decoration in terms of space, window openings to know the lighting, and know the nature of the work, in order to design the decoration appropriately to the nature of the work of the administrative office, as well as knowing the customer’s taste so that it can be designed on the basis of a correct system.
  • The space should be appropriately distributed, so that it corresponds to the requirements of the nature of work in the administrative office to maintain dynamic corridors without wasting the available spaces in the office, so flexibility of the place is required within the administrative offices so that employees and customers can move easily.
  • It is imperative to choose the appropriate colors for the nature of the office’s work. It is not possible to start this step without knowing the type of office that will be established, whether it is an administrative or commercial office, a government institution, or a private institution, all of which are related to the activity of the facility.
  • Suitable materials should be used to treat ceilings, walls, and floors in offices, so that they are suitable for them, alternatives to the required materials can also be chosen, but they must be within the standards of good office design, and taking into consideration personal safety, this is considered as one of The most important factors that make the decoration work, and produce it with a good design with the lowest possible cost.
  • Administrative office is designed within specific criteria. A suitable decoration for the office must be chosen within sizes and quality. A final visualization of the office must be made to come out with a distinctive design for it because it is considered a complement to the facility and gives an impression of the nature of its work.


The Foundations of Designing Administrative Office Departments


Office rooms

Office rooms should be designed based on several criteria that suit the nature of the work of the offices, the office space must range between 24-40 m², and the largest office depth from the window must not exceed six meters, and in some cases, it can reach approximately seven and a half meters.


Managers rooms

Managers rooms are usually designed with a larger size than other rooms in offices, as there can be a place for small meetings inside, and attached to the secretarial office whose area ranges between 12-20 m², while the space in the open offices is determined according to the nature of work carried out by the facility.


Archive rooms

It is preferable that the archive rooms be close to the staff room, and its area depends on the size of the files that must be kept in it, in addition to the number of employees in it, and it may be less or more than the room height of the office rooms.


Drawing rooms

Suitable lighting should be chosen in the drawing room, so that it should be from the north, or northwest, and an upper room is preferred to obtain the appropriate lighting without any repercussions.

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